Cigna Government Services North Carolina Medicare Part B Conversion to Palmetto

Date:   5/26/2011

Infinedi has been notified by Palmetto that effective 05/28/11 North Carolina Medicare Part B, currently serviced by Cigna Government Services, will transition to the Jurisdiction 11 A/B MAC administered by Palmetto.  Palmetto will have a dark day on 05/30/11 (holiday), 05/31/2011 and 06/01/11.  A “Dark Day” is defined as a day in which Medicare online systems would not be available for either external or internal use. 

Providers should be aware of the following:

  • The payer id number for North Carolina Medicare will remain 134N9
  • The contractor Number for North Carolina Medicare Part B is changing to 11502.  Providers do not need to send this Contractor Number. Infinedi will manage the Contractor Number change.
  • Our final transmission to Cigna Government Services will be 05/27/2011.
  • Claims submitted to Infinedi 05/30/2011-06/01/2011 will be held and transmitted to Palmetto on 06/02/2011.
  • The Palmetto provider contact center will not be operational until 05/31/2011.

Provider Action: